EXTRA curricular

Comedy Club

Our very own club aimed at generating some laughter. We will have monthly showcases!

Dance Club

We offer a creative outlet for you to express yourself through dance.

Display Team

Providing Assistance to our school and learning more about technology in the process!

Drama Club

A great club for all those drama kings and queens out there! We provide a creative outlet for you to express yourself and have fun in the process!

Film Society

Learning about films and how to set up audio/visual equipment.

Media Team

There to help with all the technological demands because real heroes save the day!

Music Society

Perfect society to express your musical ability and learn not only the importance of music, but how to move music along with the new technological era we are in!

Photographic Society

Come learn more about the art of photography and explore the beauty of the world through a lens.

Poetry Club

The value of a poet is the impact they make on this world, so are you going to make your mark? Come learn about the importance of poetry and the various styles of poetry whilst expressing yourself using the gift of words.

Sketch Club

Step-by-step techniques for learning to draw and a showcase every quarter.